We  undertake Brexit related work on a daily basis in the Republic of Ireland. We are on the Brexit advisory panel of InterTrade Ireland, which is a Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland cross-border body under the British Irish agreement (Belfast Agreement). We are also on the Brexit panel of other Irish enterprise agencies.

We have advised on company structuring issues and strategic issues in forming and maintaining subsidiaries and branches in the UK and Ireland with reference to possible post Brexit scenarios.

We have advised in detail on regulatory issues arising from Brexit across a range of product types and sectors. We have considered and advised on various notes published by the EU in relation to the treatment of UK products in the EU after Brexit.

We have prepared detailed reports in relation to Brexit risks in the likely post-Brexit environment for clients in a wide range of sectors. This has included clients undertaking all combinations of importing exporting and transit scenarios with Northern Ireland Great Britain and continental Europe. We have acted for clients in a range of goods and cross-border services sectors.

We have advised in detail across the full range of issues and risks that Brexit is likely to cause, differentiating between the various likely scenarios. We have reviewed and advised on the detailed customs obligations and practical implementation requirements that arise having regard to existing supply chains, logistics arrangements and the available options for customs compliance.

We have advised on various customs facilitations and arrangements that are available to alleviate customs related issues. We have advised on changes to VAT arrangements under various scenarios.

We were advised on contractual issues arising from Brexit under long-term fixed contracts which risk straddling dates of possible Brexit with the introduction of customs duties customs procedures.

Through the Brexit Issues website and the corresponding Republic of Ireland website, we have published a very considerable amount of original information on Brexit as well as republishing and editing public sector information published by the European Union, Irish and UK governments.

Our principal, Paul McMahon has lectured and presented seminars and training events on Brexit for a wide variety of bodies including the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprise Association and several chambers of commerce.