Distribution from Ireland

EU-based distributors may sell their goods to any EU state without customs duties or import requirements on movements between member states. Once goods have been have been manufactured or lawfully imported into the EU ,distributors may freely sell on the goods within the EU regardless of their origin.

EU distributirs have the assurance that the goods have already been subject to a single EU wide regulatory scheme of product standards and safety. They have the assurance that they may lawfully market the goods in any other EU state and that that state and other governmental trade bodies within that state may not block sale by the erection and maintenance of hidden barriers to trade.

EUe distributors have some responsibilities in relation to  product safety but significantly less responsibilities than those of importers into the EU.

EU competition law allows for exclusive distribution agreements in most cases provided there is a sufficient objective justification .

EU distributors have the assurance there is an EU wide system of transport regulation which allows their carriers to provide services throughout the EU. Drivers are subject common EU wide rules and qualifications requirements. This means that they can offer their services throughout the EU in an efficient manner and can provide transport more cheaply having the freedom to provide transport services on the return journey.

EU distributors have access to the EU market in labour and services. There is an EU wide system of qualification recognition which allows either for automatic recognition of other EU qualifications or for recognition with the minimum justifiable compensatory elements of experience or additional testing.  EU distributors also have access the UK labour market and to UK service providers. Any UK national may come to Ireland to reside, work or provide services.