We advise on Irish law from an England and Wales and Northern Ireland law perspective We are intimately familiar with the UK legal environment and the expectations of UK clients.

Our principal, Paul McMahon, practised for many years as an England and Wales solicitor. He lectures on the Law Society of Ireland’s England and Wales Solicitors conversion course. He has written UK Law (An Irish Guide) which is a general overview of UK business law for an Irish audience.

We are aware of the issues arising for UK businesses and we highlight to clients the similarities and differences that apply under the corresponding Irish legislation and an Irish commercial and trade practice. We guide UK clients on the points of differences and points of similarities that arise.

We are familiar with and have worked with many UK solicitors and tax firms. This enables us to coordinate our advice in relation to the Republic of Ireland law with the client’s UK advisers

We are intimately familiar with Brexit and the issues that arise for clients from it. We advise on Brexit issues in the Republic of Ireland on an almost daily basis.

As legal publishers, we have tracked the course of Brexit and the key announcements by the EU Irish and UK governments. We have published these on the Brexit issues website. We have also published a corresponding Irish website on the Brexit issues of relevance to the Republic of Ireland.