Who We Are

We are a firm of Irish solicitors. Our status is equivalent to that of solicitors in England and Wales and Northern Ireland. We are regulated by the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland. 

Our principal, Paul McMahon has practised as an Irish solicitor for over 25 years and as a tax practitioner for over 16 years. He practised as an England and Wales solicitor for over 12 years and is also admitted as solicitor in Northern Ireland and as an Attorney in New York State. He also holds qualifications in banking, finance and compliance.

What We Do

We provide UK clients with a one-stop shop in relation to establishment in and trading from the Republic of Ireland. We advise clients on the practical tax and legal issues that arise in establishing and operating a subsidiary or other presence in the Republic of Ireland. We advise clients on the regulatory and licensing issues specific to their sector and requirements.

We practise as solicitors and legal advisers in the key areas relevant to establishment in Ireland including corporate and commercial law, employment, trade, property development, trusts and estate planning, litigation, banking and taxation. We are tax advisers and advise on all taxes relevant to establishment and trading Ireland. We have advised on and acted in transactions for clients across a wide range of business sectors.

Our Services

We assist and act in establishment in Ireland, where required. We advise on the appropriate organisational and shareholding arrangements. We assist and advise on legal issues arising in the establishment of banking relations and facilities in Ireland. We assist and advise in relation to property acquisition and the leasing of business premises.

We advise clients on a daily basis on issues arising from Brexit in the Republic of Ireland. We are familiar with United Kingdom laws and practice. Our principal Paul McMahon, practised for many years as in England and Wales solicitor and has published the UK law (An Irish Guide) website.

As in the United Kingdom, most trades and businesses do not require specific licences or authorisations in order to operate and provide services in the EU. Where regulation is applicable, we assist clients in applying for the authorisations and licences required to undertake their business. We guide them through the processes involved which vary considerably, sector by sector.

We advise in relation to legal, tax and regulatory issues that arise in relation to the provision of services into other EU states. We advise on Irish laws and on European Union laws which facilitate doing business in Europe from Ireland.

We advise and give guidance on corporate compliance, employee arrangements and contracts,  corporate and personal tax. We advise on VAT and customs matters. We give training, orientation and in-house training to clients and their employees.

We advise manufacturers, carriers and distributors in relation to trade, transport, VAT  and customs issues. We draft contracts and deal with tax and legal issues (both contentious or non-contentious) which arise.

Our Experience

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